STY DAO Ecosystem

What is DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are organizations designed to be automated and decentralized. They act as a form of venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a centralized management structure.
All transactions of the organization are recorded and maintained on the blockchain. Interests of the members of DAOs are – if honored correctly – heard and executed. Hence, DAOs are transparent and, in theory, incorruptible. All transactions of the organization are recorded and maintained on a blockchain.

Introducing the STY DAO Platform:

While one of the most lucrative parts of crypto is costly investments like private sales or blue-chip NFTs, it can be extremely difficult and even impossible for the average investor to have enough funds to do so. Hence, most private investors abandon the chance to join private sales or hold blue-chip NFTs even when they know these projects will succeed.
Understanding this demand, the STY team developed the STY DAO ecosystem, which allows the STY holders to fundraise to collectively invest in private sales and costly assets.
The STY DAO aims to be the most popular platform for fundraising investment on NFTs, Music, Fashion and Earn trends and Metafi projects. For instance, a private investor who would like to partially own an Azuki NFT can set up a fundraiser to gather enough funds for the purchase. If enough people vote for and put in funding, the fundraiser will be a success. The more that each contributor puts in, the higher the ratio of the NFT that they own. The STY DAO is simple, low-cost and secured, allowing investors to fundraise safely and transparently.
Thanks to the STY DAO, more new, potential projects will be supported by the community’s power. Additionally, the DAO will also foster a strong, closely-knitted community and friendship among our users.
The STY DAO is unique compared to other DAOs because our users contribute funds to specific pools corresponding to each fundraising proposal rather than to the project’s Treasury. We believe that this centralized mechanism will post a security risk, thus we designed the innovative and secured STY DAO Platform.
STY DAO is the ultimate Defi & DAO ecosystem because it enables the small, average investors to achieve sustainable yet exponential income. By removing the barrier to high cost assets, STY DAO makes crypto truly egalitarian and free. Additionally, a part of the profit from the STY DAO goes back to grow the STY system, which ensures STY Finance longevity and sustainability. STY DAO visions itself as a one-stop platform that will change the lives of millions of people all over the world.
Fundraising fees by default is 10%. This fund will be spent on product development, marketing, and buying back to stabilize the price of STY.
Fundraising owners need to hold at least 100 STY to create fundraising, and STY tokens won't be locked. Besides, members don't need to hold STY tokens to be able to invest.